How to start a watch brand in 5 steps - Linus Verthman

Step 1: This is how we designed the Linus Verthman M-1.

Catchy title, right? This isn't a step by step guide. But at least here is how we did it: Linus Verthman was started from our common love for watches and product design. Looking for a killer watch we could not get used to the fact that we would have to stick to just one quality watch. So we said 'f*** it' and went to make our own.

The beginning was tough...

 ...we had some contacts in the Swiss watch industry already, but none were willing to do this watch our way. Frustrating as hell. Luckily, Swiss people are very nice, so we haven't had one door slammed in our face. Still, our ideas were too far out of their comfort zone and most declined politely...until we met German design studio SquareOne, who were into the idea from day one. 

The watch had to be modular...

...which meant that we had to design a feasible mechanism alongside, enabling a seamless transition when changing the watch. We knew this modular system would allow for so much more than currently done by the industry. It took us an insane amount of designs and renderings until we reached THE design. The Linus Verthman M-1 is headlining our first collection with a face that is reduced to the essentials, yet characteristic and unique. The overall design language and shape hints to the industrial design background of SquareOne as a design studio. With all features streamlined to perfection, the Linus Verthman models look good in each of the possible combinations.  
Microbrand - Linus Verthman M-1 - Modular Swiss Watch
Linus Verthman M-1 in Gun Metall / Flame

We don't want to be different in every sense...

On a basic level, a Swiss watch brand needs make high quality watches. Our ambition is to play in the big leagues, which is something that won't happen if we sell shitty watches that just look good. We needed to make something that can compete with the big boys in terms of longevity, component quality and precision. Now on the other hand, we want to stand out both in the way we design watches and in the way they can be worn... more on this in part II. 

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