Product highlight: M-1 Cyan/White Blue

Starting a Swiss Made watch brand

Here is a little story time on why we started Linus Verthman. It happened for precisely two reasons. One, we always loved watches and were especially drawn to Swiss brands. Why Swiss? Some watches are made for a lifetime and are part of a person’s story. This is originally why we moved into Swiss watches. The second reason is less obvious but simple: we wanted to make an impact in an industry that is ruled by the big boys, both to challenge us and to challenge the industry’s conventions. In short, we are proving that there is more to Swiss Made watches than repetitive designs and hefty price tags.

The Linus Verthman M-1 Collection

When we started to design our first collection, we wanted it to be for people like us: People who looked for something different in a watch. A modern, yet timeless design that would fit any occasion seamlessly. We make our watches for the game changers. The ones, who aim for the top and take ideas into action. The ones, who challenge and transform the status-quo by being brave enough to go for the new and bold. Our products support your journey to do the exceptional. On top of our vision, we put great value in being open, transparent and collaborative. So when we started showcasing some of our designs on Instagram, we got instant feedback and ideas from you guys.

The M-1 in Cyan/White

Of course, we read all of your requests and some really got us thinking. After some design trials, we decided to launch the new colorway alongside our planned collection. You guys loved the cyan blue and asked for one on the white dial…and we love it as well. Our philosophy is always to mix classic features with modern influences - our choice of color is no different. Cyan is a calming yet vibrant color, accenting the design features of the M-1 perfectly…so here it is!

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