Think of any watch brand. Most probably the ones that come to mind are household names of some of the world’s most famous watchmakers. Of course, all of them are Swiss. It is clear that you do not buy a Swiss watch just to know what time it is. There is far more at play here.

The Art of Watchmaking
One of the reasons these brands are so popular is because of their rich history. The fine art of watchmaking has become extinct in most parts of the world with the exception of Switzerland and Germany. Although not the first country to make wristwatches, Switzerland was - and still is - the most ambitious and determined country. This is why Swiss made watches are filled with craftsmanship, century-long knowledge and a rich history of setbacks and perseverance.

Watches Built to Last
To understand why Swiss made watches are so popular, one needs to learn about the high-quality standards used while manufacturing these watches. A Swiss made watch is not just a temporary accessory, a fashion fad or a trend: it can last for generations. From the movement to the case, quality materials distinguish Swiss made watches from most other brands.

So what does Swiss Made mean?
Watches made in Switzerland have been the standard for excellence in the industry for so long that it can sometimes seem like “Swiss” is merely a generic synonym for quality rather than a geographical definition. While in general Swiss watches are associated with know-how, impeccable quality, aesthetic prowess and technical innovation, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry has published extensive guidelines for watchmakers to follow in order to protect the label from abuse.

These guidelines aim to guarantee a long-term credibility, the value of the geographical indication and most importantly a high level of satisfaction on the customer side.

To make it simple, we broke down the most essential parts of the guidelines below:
- The watch is manufactured in Switzerland

- The movement used is designed and manufactured in Switzerland

- That movement is cased up in Switzerland

- Final inspection of the watch occurred in Switzerland

- At least 60% of the manufacturing costs originated in Switzerland

Linus Verthman’s M-1 - A Unique Swiss Made Watch

The rich heritage of Switzerland's watch making culture drives our high standards of Linus Verthman. Every watch is crafted from the finest components and undergoes rigorous controls to exceed your expectations and create an exceptional timepiece. Together with a bold, innovative and modern approach to design we want to offer a superb watch experience to our clientele.