“Let’s do it our way” - This statement led every step in the development of our brand, Linus Verthman. Driven by a common interest in watches and product innovation, the two founders, Bryan and Konrad, decided to launch a watch brand that can compete within the swiss watch industry. It all started during their studies in Singapore. By now Linus Verthman is based in Düsseldorf, Germany, and developed into so much more. It’s not only Bryan and Konrad, but a large design team, a team of creatives and the most experienced production partners in Switzerland. We value design and product thinking as much as the quality behind our products. 


 We are obsessed with modular design. Our product lives and breathes with modularity and the options that come with it. Our aim is to present ever new ideas to wearing and combining high quality watches. We are 100% committed to go beyond the imagination of what a watch should be. We design every detail from scratch and find inspiration in the most renowned brands and products of all industries. As a brand, Linus Verthman is the alter ego through which our watches associate with our customer base of game changers. Therefore, we dedicate our project to those, who strive for more and seek the challenges of life. 




It took several design runs to visualize and define the perfect timepiece. Reimagining a Swiss watch beyond its general use, made us look for a competent production partner. From the beginning on our goal was to create something truly unique and outstanding. Naturally, we went to Switzerland to visit and meet the most recognized and established manufacturers the country had to offer. We developed the first prototypes and refined them three times. Taking the journey further every time,  we cooperated closely with our trusted partners to get every detail on point,finally bringing the watch to life. Going through a long process of creative inputs, product design and prototyping, it is needless to say that we are extremely confident in our watches to deliver the best experience